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Our approach to crafting the off-line edit.
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We take our off-line edits to a point where an AVID suite can do no more and this includes going a long way towards achieving an AVID graded picture that the director is happy to present. We also do as much as possible to illustrate the proposed visual effects at this early, off-line, stage.

On complex, effects driven, storyboards this may mean tracking elements, compositing elements and creating end boards as close to the finished spot as possible. To do this means multiple video layers on the timeline and the real-time playback in AVID means we can make changes without rendering them! Perhaps this is better explained with the visual example we have put together in a short “making of the off-line” clip (see the link above).

For this specific commercial we were required to composite the hero character, originally shot on green screen, with separate background plates whilst using a travelling matt and shrinking the hero’s head over a tracking shot.

During the approval process a number of  changes were requested and the AVID edit system can easily playback multiple video layers without rendering the effects. This speeds up the editing process and allows for real-time changes on the fly and promotes uninterrupted creativity!

AVID is the only editing system that has this ability! All other edit systems require any changes to be rendered before playback.

This example was a comedic cut and timings were very important. The director, agency and client needed to know how the “gag” was going to translate over the limited duration of the spot. So, by taking the off-line to this degree of crafting we empowered the director and agency to effectively “sell” the cut to the client and to make some important decisions for the on-line finishing, including the size of the shrunken head and the speed of the head shrink.